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Self-Care Series: #05

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Prioritizing what is important to you by planning ahead gives you something to look forward to. Whenever I know I have a long, busy week ahead of me, I always plan something fun or relaxing to do at the end of the week. Doing this always keeps me motivated get done my to-do list!

Pictured: Damaris M.

What is your Self-Care routine or something you like to do to pour into yourself?

"For self-care, I plan ahead. I make sure I have things to look forward to, breaks and margins in my life that allow me to rest. For me it’s planning a trip, a hike, a concert, or a hangout with friends. Having moments of fun and community, as well as alone times of mindfulness and silence really do bring me so much peace. I also do the small maintenance of everyday living, like making sure I’m having enough sleep, saying no when I feel like I’m overextending myself, not replying to a text instantly when I’m occupied with another person or task, and reaching out to friends -when I want to process or ask for help. The small things really do add up."

Why do you believe self-care is important?

"Self care is about energizing and bringing oneself back to life. It is about being restored. I think the word “self” can be deceiving, leading us to believe we have the capacity to, in our own strength, restore ourselves. But the “self” is really being aware of our own need to be restored. That often looks like asking for help or making others aware of your boundaries."

What is currently your favorite product that we offer?

Grapefruit + Marmalade Soy wax candle



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