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Self-Care Series: #03

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Who else loves a good podcast?

If I’m not listening to music while making candles, I’m most likely listening to a podcast! There are so many great self care/ self help podcasts available on Spotify & Apple podcasts. I encourage you to check some out!

Some of my favorite are

- The Layover podcast

- Thirty minutes with The Perry’s

- My Peace of Happy

- Flights & Feelings

- Passing Through

Let us know what your favorite podcast is below!

Pictured: Jourdan T.

What is your favorite self-care routine or something you like to do to pour into yourself? "Something I like to do to practice self-care is listen to music, write to express my feelings on paper and listen to podcasts while on walks. I also really enjoy taking a hot shower to relax my mind."

Why do you believe self-care is important?

"Admittedly, I am an over-thinker. So, self-care really helps me to unwind and get out of my own head. Journaling allows me to organize my thoughts and express my creativity on paper. I believe self-care is really important for others to because of the overwhelming pressure and stress we inevitably face in this life. It's important to unwind and allow yourself to relax and be at ease."

What is currently your favorite product that we offer?

The White Tea + Jasmine soy wax candle!



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