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Self-Care Series: #01

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Do you currently set aside time to intentionally maintain a healthy relationship with yourself?

Self-Care looks different for everyone! In this series, I've interviewed people in different seasons of life to share why they believe self-care is important and how they practice it. No matter your age or stage in life, positively pouring into yourself is essential.

Pictured: Liz G.

What is your favorite self-care routine or something you like to do to pour into yourself? "To practice self-care, I love to take a hot shower, do my nails, wax my eyebrows and wash/style my hair."

Why do you believe self-care is important?

"I feel that self-care is important for me because it gives me a moment to slow down and refresh. It's important for others to practice self-care and to take time to focus on their mental, spiritual and physical health."

What is currently your favorite product that we offer?

Blackberry + Anise soy wax candle



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